Secret Within the Sphere
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"Secret Within The Sphere"  is SFE's first period project and first science-fiction endeavor. Set in the world of Steampunk, watch the adventures of Captain Verne Rudolph, commander of his airship the Cosmic Cutter. Captain Rudolph meets the mysterious Duchess Adeline, who hires him to help her protect the city of Welashia against the evil Victor Augustus. The duo must steal the Lelia Sphere, a mystical source of unimaginable power that, if controlled by evil, spells utter doom for everyone.

Secret Within the Sphere will begin production on June 16th 2019 and film over several weekends until the end of July, for a total of 10 production days. Production will take place in Carlisle, Harrisburg, Gettysburg, Lancaster, Strasburg, and Philadelphia. 

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