Lost Padre Mine 
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Lost Padre Mine "A" marking on the Franklin Mountains
Birth location of Gene Roddenbery, a potential scene.
Scouting at the Tin Mines in El Paso
Wyler Tramway, Franklin Mountains
Interior of a church on the Mission Trail
Exterior of one of the three mission trail churches
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Location Scouting, Summer 2014
Storyline Synopsis
"Lost Padre Mine" is a narrative feature set in present day El Paso, Texas.  The story follows Wayne Braddock, a less-than world renowned treasure hunter who, under the invitation of a member of the local clergy, arrives in El Paso to search for the missing Padre LaRue Spanish gold.

"Lost Padre Mine" production will take place from June to December 2015 in El Paso, as well as areas of New Mexico to include Las Cruces and Roswell.  Filming will span various weekends over the six month timeframe, and will span over a dozen locations to include local attractions, cultural sites, and the ever-vast Franklin Mountains & surrounding deserts.
El Paso Auditions, February 2015
Lost Padre Mine 
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