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Verne- Male lead, ship captain of the battle ship COSMIC CUTTER, has not taken on a job, legal or otherwise, in several weeks. Supplies are running low, and he is becoming desperate for his crew.

Adeline- Female lead, high society aristocrat, is a beautiful, young noble who is part of the city council of WELASHIA. Adeline had a sister, Leona Cornelia, who died years ago in an accident, which continues to haunt her. She opposes what the city state is bring turned into, and requires Verne's assistance is stealing a magical sphere known as the LELIA.

Victor- Gender non-specific antagonist, manipulating politician, is the city planner for Welashia. He wholeheartedly believes that what he does is for the greater good of his community, even if there are methods that some disagree with. Victor plans to use the Lelia, a golden sphere and power source, to generate enough power to enable Welashia to become a sky city. He has politically maneuvered this position by gaining the support of most of the city council either by bribes, blackmail, or genuine support.

Brutus- Victor Augustus' personal bodyguard, Brutus is a brutish figure who has received body modifications on one of his arms and a single eye. Brutus was deeply in love with Adeline’s sister Leona Cornelia, and is blamed for her untimely death. Her death has placed him in a depressed, emotionally influential state.

Dr. Cleveland- is an older scientist who is using the Difference Engine and additional super computer designs to create the sky city as Victor Augustus desires. Dr. Cleveland is totally dedicated to Victor's plans, but mores to serve the greater good of the people of Welashia.

Leona- Petite mystical witch who was once the lover of Brutus, the sister of Adeline, and a misunderstood individual with unexplainable influence over others.We are currently taking cast and crew applications for SFE's upcoming untitled Steampunk-themed film, to be produced in 2019.

15 additional roles available for this production


Boom Operator

Still Photographer

Lighting Technician

Key Grip

Continuity / Script Supervisor

Production Assistant 

Graphic designer

Applicants: Email us and we will send you a blank copy of the cast and crew submission forms. Please send a headshot with your request form.

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