Stormfront Entertainment projects focus around the action, adventure, fan film and horror genres, with experience in music videos, commercials, and short films as well.Stormfront Entertainment began in the late 1990's as Stormfront Productions, a Tampa-based film company.  In Tampa short films such as "The Knight Squad" and "Moron Kombat" were produced.Stormfront then relocated to Chicago in 2003, where the mockumentary "How To Become a Crimefighter" was created.Relocating once again to New York, Stormfront created their first full fledged fan film, "Deadshot", based on the DC Comics villain.While in Kansas City, Stormfront teamed up with Influence Films to create such short films as "Mortal Kombat" and  "The Death of Spider-Man".

Director David Noble was interviewed and is a part of the non-fiction book "Homemade Hollywood".
In 2009 Stormfront Entertainment became based in Central Louisiana, where they re-established themselves as a premiere low-budget film quality production company.  With several short film projects under their belts, SFE began production on a feature length picture called "ZYDECO" in the Winter 2010.  

In early 2012 Stormfront Entertainment released their first commercial DVD "ZYDECO" online for global distribution, available on and other markets.

Stormfront Entertainment completed their second feature, "The Knight Squad", which is currently circulating around the festival and comic con circuits.

In the Summer of 2014 SFE relocated to El Paso, TX, where they released their third feature film, "Lost Padre Mine", now available on demand at Amazon Prime and Vimeo.

As of 2018 the company currently resides in central Pennsylvania, where they are working on future projects.
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