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Ann Kristin was born and raised in the southeast and always had a true love of the visual and performing arts. She started dancing at 2 1/2, theatre at 15 and moved to Los Angeles at 16 where she attended college and worked in Television and Film, before happily returning home to the south this past year where she continues to perform. 
Ann played the role of Selina/Catwoman in "The Disagreement."
Joshua Stelly was born and raised in southern Louisiana. He is currently pursuing a career in acting and has been doing so since leaving the Marine Corps in 2005.  
He also defends the world against the unholy demons of the night. 
Joshua played the role of Bruce Wayne in "The Disagreement."
Zabrina Lusker is a native of Southern Louisiana and a newcomer to the acting profession.  She spends most of her time with her friends and family, and modeling when possible.
Zabrina played the role of Diana / Wonder Woman in "The Disagreement."
Actress Ann Kristin, Catwoman on "The Disagreement"
Actor Joshua Stelly, Bruce Wayne in "The Disagreement."
The Disagreement (February 2010)
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The Disagreement Cast
The Disagreement Crew
New Orleans Blues artist Billy Iuso
The Disagreement Exposure
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The Disagreement Photo Gallery
Final Wrap Photo
Ann checks her wardrobe
Zabrina selects her wardrobe
Josh reviews his wardrobe
The actors on set
On set of "The Disagreement"
Ann rehearses her lines
Josh reviews his line
Zabrina rehearses her lines
Rehearsing before the shoot
Fixing the costumes between takes
Some mad ladies
Action yeah!
The cast of "The Disagreement"
Catwoman chokes Diana
Director David Noble
Ann as Catwoman
Ann Kristin and Zabrina Lusker in costume
Catwoman and her jewel
Catwoman full pose in greenscreen
Zabrina as Wonder Woman
Zabrina in full green screen
Production start group photo
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