"The SAFE Team" Shoot Fort Polk LA May 2010
Con du Lac Convention, Lake Charles LA, June 2010
Our first visitor, a Star Wars character.
Sunah and the Predator.
Tiffany Knight as one of the cosplay costumers.
A New Orleans Zombie baby.
Sophia and Bill from Lake Charles.
Riley sporting a cool mohawk.
Excellent costumer in a batman outfit.
David giving a presentation on fan films.
David and Jean Louis from the SCA.
Sunny being hypnotized.
Sunny verses a Stormtrooper, Predator, and a cyclone.  They don't have a chance!
Knight Squad Poster shots & screenings, Fall 2014
Director Dave Noble and Quinn Knox (Han) in Los Angeles
Director Dave Noble, producer Sunny Park, and Sun Kim (Preybird) in Itaewon, S. Korea
Director Dave Noble, Tristan Vasquez (extra) and Graphic designer Dan Adams in Seoul, S. Korea
Director Dave Noble and Andy Sloane (Russian mobster) in Yongsan, Korea
Director Dave Noble and Yong Nam (Knightmare) in Seoul, Korea
Ray Park, film star from "G.I. Joe", "X-Men", and "Star Wars" signed our movie poster.
The Las Cruces screening in November 2014 at the Rio Grande Theatre
"Song of the Starslayer" shoot, June 2015
"Desert Wasteland" shoot, August 2015
"The Years Project" with National Geographic, October 2015
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