April 14th, 2010: WANT TO BE PART OF THE STORM?  Donate $10 and become an Associate Producer in an upcoming SFE project. Find out more HERE
April 30th, 2010:  It's Official.  
"Hidden Friend" is now online!
Hidden Friend a Transformers short film.
April 7th, 2010: "Donna Parker: GL" is planned to premiere at the Con Dulac convention in Lake Charles, LA on 12 June!
April 30th, 2010: Stormfront Entertainment will be part of the Convention du Lac in Lake Charles LA, on 12-13 June!
Convention du Lac in Lake Charles, LA.
May 3rd, 2010: " "The Disagreement" has been identified as an OFFICIAL SELECTION for the Tri-City International Fan Film Festival!
Tri-City International Fan Film Festival!
May 8th, 2010: "The Disagreement" and "Hidden Friend" have been identified as OFFICIAL SELECTIONS for the Convention du Lac Film Festival!
March 28th, 2010:  SFE just completed filming our film "Donna Parker: Green Lantern" in Kansas City.  Thanks go to everyone who came out and supported us.
March 14th, 2010:  SFE is going to KC to film our next short film based on Green Lantern!
March 1st, 2010:  The Disagreement DVD is 
now available for everyone to enjoy.
February 21st, 2010:  We just wrapped production on our Transformers short "Hidden Friend"
January 30th, 2010:  Check out our links 
page to see all of SFE's friends.
January 17th, 2010:  We just wrapped production on our first short film "The Disagreement"

June 8th, 2010: We are gearing up fo Con duLac!  Come visit us this weekend!
June 13th, 2010: We had a great time in Lake Charles & Con duLac!  Can't wait until next year!
June 19th, 2010: SFE has added an archive page featuring the magazine 
June 27th, 2010:  One of the great byproducts of going to Con duLac was linking up with Tonic Boy Clothing, who we are planning to create a short film based on our movie idea "Paintings".  In the meantime, check out their website!
Tonic Boy Clothing
June 28th, 2010:  The teaser trailer for "Donna Parker: Green Lantern" is now online.
July 11th, 2010:  Check out our COMING SOON page for updates on all our upcoming projects!
July 24th, 2010:  We have more teaser posters in our COMING SOON page for projects we are working on!
August 8th, 2010:  Donna Parker: Green Lantern will be releasing on this website this Friday!
In the meantime, enjoy a little diversion we just completed based on a mix of Star Wars and Tropic Thunder.
August 12th, 2010:  We couldn't wait any longer...So here it is!
Donna Parker: Green Lantern is released!
<a href="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/">Quicktime Required</a>
Quicktime Required
August 15th, 2010:  Become an Associate Producer today!  Every $10 donation gets you a free copy of the "Donna Parker: Green Lantern" DVD, which includes a blooper reel, production notes, photo montage, and half a dozen other videos!
August 17th, 2010:  We are extra busy these days.  Just off the heels of DPGL is our next short film, "Resident Evil: CATACLYSM"
August 28th, 2010:  Check out our new webpage for our upcoming short film RESIDENT EVIL: JILL VALENTINE
September 12th, 2010:  Check out the trailer for our upcoming short film RESIDENT EVIL: JILL VALENTINE
Resident Evil : Jill Valentine short film
September 19th, 2010:  We are in full pre-production on our next short film, tentatively titled "The Fellini Opinion!"
September 25th, 2010:  "Resident Evil: Jill Valentine" will be released October 1st on this website.  Stay tuned!
October 1st, 2010:  "Resident Evil: Jill Valentine" is now online!!!
October 8th, 2010:  "Resident Evil: Jill Valentine" was highlighted on Buyzombie.com
October 26th, 2010:  We are two weeks away from filming "Zydeco."
October 28th, 2010:  We filmed a teaser trailer and finished costume designs on Zydeco.
November 8th, 2010:  We are in production for Zydeco.  Check out our teaser video.
November 10th, 2010:  Check out our production photos from last weekend's filming..
November 15th, 2010: We have a second teaser trailer for Zydeco, featuring Courtney Shay Young and using footage from the first weekend of filming.
November 25th, 2010: Happy Thanksgiving!  Check out some pics from last weekend's filming of Zydeco!
December 6th, 2010: We have wrapped principle production on Zydeco!
December 11th, 2010: Wanted to send a nice little Holiday message on behalf of the cast and crew of Zydeco.
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