Messages (Post-Production)
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SFE introduces Shannen Fisher as the lead role in Mesages, playing the character YuJin.  YuJin is a little Korean girl who worries about her family, especially her grandmother.  When she discovers that her grandmother has been secretly writing letters to her lost sister from the North, YuJin decides to deliver the letters herself.
YuJin 's mother is played by Jin Fisher. MiYoung is a loving parent who gives as much to her daughter as possible.  She loves to teach YuJin about the traditional Korean culture, but tries to lighten Jin Ha's worries when it comes to her grandmother.
JinHee Park plays the role of YuJin's grandmother.  The grandmother is very old but is truly dying of a broken heart, as she misses her family who she lost contact with after the division between North and South Korea.
Juhnun Oh plays the role of the street vendor, Mr. Pak.  A well-mannered artisan who creates lanterns, Mr. Pak amazes Jin Ha with the flying lanterns he has created specifically for the Lotus Festival.  Mr. Pak's lanterns become Jin Ha's inspirations to deliver a mesage to the North.
Rock path to the hilltop.
The hill from which Jin Ha releases her message.
A pagoda to eat lunch.
Old wooden bridge.
Water park.
Traditional Korean pagoda.
Old suspension bridge.
Rock river bed.
Location Scouting, Gwanaksan National Park, March 2012
Day 1 Shooting, Dongdaemun Seoul, May 2012
Near a park pagoda.
Prepping the next shot.
Shannen taking direections from David.
Cast and crew on location.
Shannen rehearsing her scene.
Eating in between shots.
On set for Messages by Stormfront Entertainment
Sounds and lighting assistance on the set of Messages
Checking out a secret in the forest.
Director David Noble on location of Messages, Seoul 2012.
Day 2 Shooting, Gwanak Mountain Seoul, September 2012
Jamie Lee plays the role of the mysterious beggar who panders for money to support her secret addiction.  This character and role has become a second story separate from the original production.
Sunny Park plays the role of a lost traveler who discovers a message in a bottle, and travels across the island of Guam to discover its true message.  This character and role has become a third story seperate from the original project.
Day 3 Shooting, Guam, USA, October 2012
Day 4 Shooting, Hawaii, USA, October 2012
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