The Knight Squad Cast
Robert / Knightmaire:  One of the two main leads, Robert is a Korean native who is determined to rid away the criminal element in his city.  Robert is played by Yong Ho Nam.
Daniel / Demon Knight: A foreign teacher working in Seoul, Daniel is attacked by the Russian mafia and vows vengeance against his bullies.  Daniel is played by Johnny Vieira.
Jessica / Preybird: Jessica is a Korean businesswoman who is secretly an assassin for the highest bidder.  She becomes entangled in the affairs of the Knight Squad.  Jessica is played by Sun Kim.
Han: A Korean local who is all too familiar with the Russian mafia's activities, who becomes an informant for the Knight Squad.  Han is played by Quinn Knox.
Nicholi Volkov: Leader of the Russian mafia, he is just a simple man trying to make his way in the world, one crime at a time.  Nicholi is played by Brian Forbes.
SuJin: Robert's younger sister, SuJin is attacked by the Russuan mafia, quickly rescued by Daniel and creating an eternal bod with brother Robert in the process.  SuJin is played by Jill Sanders.
Deathstrike: A paid assassin with a hulk-like disposition and a talent for mass destruction.  Deathstrike is played by Tim Trevathan.
Sasha Romanov: A Russian informant who witnesses a crime by the local criminals that triggers the entire fued between the Russian and Korean mafias.  Sasha is played by Miles Meili.
Pavel: A Russian Drug Dealer who is part of Nicholi's gang.  Pavel is played by Jesse Day.
Story Synopsis
The Russian and Korean mafias begin a bloody fued after a russian informant discovers a dark korean secret.  Daniel and Robert become victims in this fued, causing them to take retribution by creating a vigilante group called The Knight Squad.  Battles ensue as Demon Knight & Knightmaire attack both mobs, tug Deathstrike, assassin Preybird, and a host of others.

The Knight Squad, a story originated back in 1988 and created by Robert Bonner and David Noble, is an all out action martials movie and the second feature film project produced by Stormfront Entertainment.

Filming began in 2013 in Seoul and the surrounding South Korea areas and completed in June of that year.  Post production will continue until Spring 2014.
Boris:  One of the Russian mafia members, a specialist with drugs and extortion.  Boris is played by Scott Lambert.
Photo Galleries
Key Grip Truck Carlson at the Knight Squad auditions
Director David Noble and producer Sunny Park audition talent for The Knight Squad.
Audio specialist Edwin Pierce at the Knight Squad auditions.
Quinn Olbrich and Brian Forbes audition for the Knight Squad.
Brian Forbes auditions for the role of Nicholi on the Knight Squad.
DP Edward Burgos films auditions.
Director David Noble gives guidance to an actor auditioning for The Knight Squad.
Quinn Olbrich assists a junior walkon auditioning for the Knight Squad.
Knight Squad Auditions in Haebongchon, January 2013
Russian President Putin: The President is played by Jesse Carpenter.
Korean Special Ops Leader: A ROK military Special Operations commander in charge of personnel handling.  This role is played by Kent Kim.. 
Friends of The Knight Squad
Still photographer Michael O'Dwyer takes a photo of DP Edward Burgos.
Michael O'Dwyer on the Gangnam subway set of The Knight Squad.
Johnney Vieira on the Body and Seoul set of The Knight Squad.
Johnny Vieira on the gangnam subway set of The Knight Squad
Director David Noble watches DP Edward Burgos set up a shot on The Knight Squad.
Day 1 cast and crew of the Knight Squad.
Producer Sunny Park takes on audio duties for The Knight Squad.
Director David Noble and Johnny Vieira, playing the role of Daniel in The Knight Squad.
Knight Squad Production Day 1 in Gangnam, February 2013
Knight Squad Production Day 2 in Itaewon, February 2013
Cast and crew of The Knight Squad in Dillinger's bar, Itaewon.
Actress Sun Kim and Steve Corman on the set of The Knight Squad.
Johnny Vieira and Yong Nam on the set of The Knight Squad.
Edward Burgos, Truck Carlson, and Michael O'Dwyer, the crew of the Knight Squad.
Sun Kim takes direction from director David Noble on The Knight Squad.
Cast and crew on day 2 of filming the Knight Squad in Dillinger's bar in Itaewon, Seoul.
Makeup artist Hana Kim applies her craft on Yong Nam.
Yong Nam on the set of The Knight Squad.
Knight Squad Production Day 3 in Kumho, March 2013
Johnny Vieira and Yong Nam rehearse in Kumho, Seoul.
Yong Nam and Jill Sanders on the set of The Knight Squad.
DP Edward Burgos films from a traditional Korean pagoda.
Daniel and Robert, characters of The Knight Squad, train.
Character Robert meditates during the Knight Squad film.
Johnny V and Yong N on the set of The Knight Squad, March 2013.
Director David Noble guides the leads during Day 3 production.
Knight Squad Production Day 4 in Bukchon, March 2013
First shots of Knightmaire and Demon Knight for the Knight Squad.
DP Edward Burgos photographs Yong Nam in his Knightmaire costume.
Hana Kim assists Jill Sanders with hangul for Day 4 production.
DP Edward Burgos relaxes in Bukchon during filming.
Johnny Vieira and Yong Nam on the set of The Knight Squad day 4 filming.
Character Robert talks to his older sister Su Jin.
Direector David Noble adjusts Knightmaire's costumes.
Demon Knight poses while DP Edward Burgos takes photos.
Knight Squad Production Day 5 in Itaewon, April 2013
Yong Nam as Knightmaire in Itaewon, Day 5 production.
Knightmaire and Demon Knight attack Sasha in The Alley, Itaewon.
On location for The Knight Squad, Day 5 production, in Korea.
Johnny Vieira as Demon Knight on location.
Knightmaire and Sasha confront in The Knight Squad.
Cast and crew on the set of The Knight Squad.
Director David Noble talkes to Miles Meili about his motivation.
Associate Producer Truck Carlson and David Noble on location, with Josh Hoffman on audio.
Knight Squad Production Day 6 in Samgakji, April 2013
Knightmaire's motorcycle stunt double, Mike Snell.
Audio Josh Hoffman and Light Director Truck Carlson on set of the Knight Squad in Sangakji, April 2013.
Daniel and his motorcycle stunt double, Ben Fehling, on location in Seoul.
Mike Snell on his Harley Davidson V-Rod, on location for The Knight Squad.
Yong Nam and Johnny Vieira on set of the Knight Squad
Group photo of the Knight Squad cast & crew, Yongsan April 2013.
Knight Squad Fight rehearsals, April 2013
Fight rehearsals for The Knight Squad
Sun Kim and Tim Trevathan practice for the opening fight scene
On location in Yongsan for rehearsals for The Knight Squad
Fight Coordinator Kent Kim instructs for a fight scene
Full costume demo for Preybird
Sun Kim as Preybird, the deadly assassin
Knight Squad Production Day 7 in Itaewon, April 2013
Johnny Vieira as Demon Knight, April 2013
Group photo on the set of "The Knight Squad" in Seoul, 2013
Demon Knight performed by Johnny Vieira in Oasis Bar, Itaewon.
Pavel (Jesse Day) the drug dealer attacks Demon Knight
Demon Knight attacks Pavel in The Oasis Bar.
Yong Nam performs as Knightmaire in The Knight Squad
Scott Lambert as Boris the Russian thug
Knightmaire (Yong Nam) and Boris (Scott Lambert) fight in Seoul.
Knight Squad Production Day 8 in Samgakji, May 2013
Miles Meili (center) fights against several Korean mafia.
Translator Young Eun Li translate instructions to the korean cast.
Director David noble talks to Jill Sanders, who plays the character "SuJin".
Fight Choreographer Kent Kim rehearses with several extras in Samgakji.
Several extras perform a brawl scene in Seoul, Korea for The Knight Squad.
Make up for the cast of The Knight Squad.
Production Day 9 group photo.
David Noble directs several actors performing as Russian mobsters in Itaewon.
Knight Squad Production Day 9 in Itaewon, May 2013
The Knight Squad confronts Nicholi, the Russian leader.
Fight Choreographer Kent Kim instructs the group through a fight.
Edward Burgos and Josh Hoffman, crew of the Knight Squad.
Yong Nam and Johnny Vieira at the Moon Night Club, Itaewon.
Cast and crw outside in the rain for the night fight scene.
Demon Knight (Johnny Vieira) gets ready for his portion of the fight.
Cast and Crw of The Knight Squad, in Itaewon.
Director David Noble discusses a scene with actor Miles Mieili.
Knight Squad Production Day 10 in Dongdaemun, May 2013
Preybird takes her prisoner away from the enemy.
Sun Kim as Preybird, the deadly female Assassin.
Kent Kim performs as the ROK Military squad leader.
Sun Kim (center) rehearses her fight scene against five opponents.
Day 10 of "The Knight Squad" on locatin in Dongdaemun, Korea.
Makeup artist Hana Kim applies touches on Sun Kim.
Group photo of cast and crew for Day 10 of The Knight Squad.
Preybird breaks the ROK squad leader's arm.
Knight Squad Production Day 11 in Banpo Bridge, Seoul, June 2013
Jesse Carpenter rolls up in a Jaguar as the President of Russia.
Director David Noble in the final shoot for The Knight Squad.
Cast and crew on location at Banpo Bridge, June 2013.
Brian Forbes, as Nicholi, leads his gang into a final confrontation.
Kent Kim choreographs the final fight scenes for The Knight Squad.
Several Korean extras performed as members of the mafia.
Weapons become part of the final fight.
Johnny Vieira and Yong Nam on location for the final production scene of the movie.
Knight Squad Post-Production filming, Seoul, October 2013
Demon Kniht filming for opening credits.
Filming in Yongsan for animated opening credits, October 2013.
Sun Kim as Preybird for green screen filming.
Dan Adams directs the cast for the opening credit filming.
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