Hidden Friend (April 2010)
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Mark Duplessis is an actor based out of his home town of New Orleans. A graduate of LSU where he studied Performance Art, Speech and FIlm. He has worked in several mediums, to include student films, fashion shows, and film festivals. Mark is currently the head of DuMar Productions and Azalea Gardens Cinematic Weddings.

Jude Dupont is an actor based out of the Baton Rouge area. A graduate of LSU, he studied Performance Art, Speech and Film. He has worked on student film projects, film festivals, and soundtracks. Jude has approximately 10 years of musical experience and has recently begun his acting career.

Actor Jude Dupont
Mark Duplessis
Hidden Friend Cast
Hidden Friend Crew
Amber Stone
Hidden Friend Photo Gallery
Sunny builds robot parts for "Hidden Friend"
Construction design layouts for a robot chest, leg, and arm.
Sunny glues the robot leg for "Hidden Friend"
Painting Bumblebee's leg
Another view of the robot leg construction
Bumblebee's leg, ready for filming!
Early animation experiments for Bumblebee's transformation.
Director David and DP Fred review the downtown shot list.
David explains the "transformation" camera angles to DP Fred.
David and Fred discuss camera dynamics prior to the shoot.
Producer Sunny takes photos of the crew in action.
David next to the stunt double for "Bumblebee".
David directs in downtown Leesville.
Preparing a shot in Leesville.
Filming the second confrontation.
Setting up one of the many shots.
Joking around between takes.
Jet as the audio director.
Filming the initial confrontation.
When it rains...
Jude and Mark acting for the camera.
David and Fred discuss the fight.
Group photo at the park.
Working with the "Bumblebee" car.
Hidden Friend Exposure
Clive Young's FCT.
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