Ghost Rider 
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Hiram Piskitel comes to us from Seoul Korea and is a new addition to the SFE galaxy of stars!
The Ghost Rider Cast 
Meeting in the Seoul coffee shop before the shoot.
Director David Noble guides new DP Billy Coleman on the shot order.
Actor Hiram Piskitel takes his mark.
Acto Hiram Piskitel going through his Ghost Rider transformation.
Shooting on location in Seoul, Korea.
The ghost Rider mounts his bike!
Producer Sunny Noble assisting Ghost Rider in wardobe adjustments.
Camerman Billy Coleman capturing some poster images for the final movie.
Group shot at the end of production, Yongsan Korea.
The Ghost Rider Crew
Beverly Noble, of Noble Portraits out of Ohio, developed the Ghost Rider movie poster.
Marco D'Alfonso, an artist new to the SFE team, provided the teaser poster for the Ghost Rider project.
Click on the Ghost Rider Teaser Poster to 
see the Youtube movie trailer!
Stephen G is a musician in the Seoul area.  Collaborating with Synth & sequencer playing buddy James Stevens, the group is known together as Dark Star Disco.

Check out the new Ghost Rider fan film movie poster above courtesy of Noble Portraits!
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