FAN FILMS QUARTERLY:  From 2005 to 2007 FFQ was one of the premiere sources of fan film entertainment.  Initially published out of Chicago, the magazine relocated to New York.  After publishing eight issues, FFQ closed shop indefinitely.  However, FFQ remains alive and well in back prints, available for anyone to enjoy.  Click on a magazine cover below to order a copy of Fan Films Quarterly today, available in color, black & white, and downloadable editions!
The Spring 2007 edition of Fan films Quarterly is the largest, most exciting, most detailed issue yet! Check out 30 new fan films, and exclusive interview with Terry Michos of "The Warriors", many features, a 6-page pin-up spread based on Tomb Raider, and many other features!!! 

The Winter 2006 edition of Fan Films Quarterly features exciting new stories on all your favorite fan film movies, aspects not normally considered, and other fan film updates and features. Over 30 new fan films are covered as well as over a hundred other existing fan film projects. 

It's ONE YEAR LATER (From when we came into existence) and the Fall 2006 edition of Fan Films Quarterly highlights not only 100+ fan films, but also introduces 40 new fan films never mentioned before in this publication. Check out stories about tribute bands, DVD eggs, music reviews, and other fan film projects to include LORD OF THE RINGS, WATCHMEN, HOWARD STERN, STAR WARS, STAR TREK, DOCTOR WHO, WAR OF THE WORLDS, CAPTAIN AMERICA< and DUNGEONS & DRAGONS.
The Summer 2006 edition of Fan films Quarterly features over 130 fan films from around the world! Features include "FFQ's Top 10 Fan film Moments", "Fan Film Timeline for Star Wars", a Wolverine character Profile, and the pictorial "Babes of X-Men". In this issue we introduce fan films based on Battlestar Galactica, Power Rangers, Legend of Zelda, Megaman, Bane, and articles on LOST, EMO Rangers, Batman: Legends, Pacman, and Star Wars: 1937. ***NOTE*** This magazine contains some language which may not be suitable for children under 13. But then again, they probably already know these words! 

The Spring 2006 edition of Fan Films Quarterly is packed with all new exciting fan film articles. 112 fan films are mentioned in this 52 page extravaganza! We cover DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lara Croft, The Crow, Indiana Jones, The Matrix, and over a dozen other independant creations within this issue. Check out our preview to get a taste of what's inside!!! This magazine is also available in a Black & White edition for half the cost. Past issues are also available at our storefront. ***NOTE*** This magazine does contain some mild language, but it's probably nothing your kids haven't heard already!!! 

The Winter 2005 edition of Fan Films Quarterly is bigger and better than before. Now with 60 pages, this magazine highlights the best in fan film entertainment. This issue includes the following features: -A look into professional comic book movies that failed -Tomorrow's Memoirs at the Comic-Con -An exclusive interview with Mark Diestler of Reality Round up: Superhero Edition -Legend of Zelda fan film wish list -A character profile on Indiana Jones -a 4-page pin-up gallery of Witchblade This issue also includes the normal features: -In the news -Fan films updates -Sold on the internet -Fan film DVDs available -Merchandise and Toys Finally, this issue includes several new additions: -Editorial Page -News to the Editor 

This first issue of Fan Films Quarterly is your source for all information related to fan films. This issue highlights over 100 of the best fan films, comic book movies, DVDs, fan sites, production companies, and creators within the fan film industry. Whether the films are about DC, Marvel, or Image characters, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, Indiana Jones, or any other comic entities, we know of their live action transition into the film medium. This issue has the following features: A look at Sandy Collora of Batman: Dead End fame. The Wraith movie premiere. Anside look at Star Wars: Broken Allegiance and Star Trek: New Voyages. An exclusive interview with Donald Flaherty of Death of Batman fame. The Suicide Squad fan film wish list. A 3-page pin-up gallery of Mandi Steele. A character profile on the Punisher. Plus several other standard departments and features. 

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