January 30th, 2018: Lost Padre Mine is now available on Amazon Prime! Register and watch it today!
September 1st, 2018: SFE has began pre-production publicly for our newest feature length narrative feature, "Secret of the Sphere". This project will be steampunk-based, and will be filmed in Pennsylvania.
August 20th, 2018: Knight Squad, as part of a grind house double feature with Nunja, is not available on Amazon Prime for public viewing!
September 8th, 2018: ZYDECO will be a feature film at this year's VIDJAM Horror Festival in Harrisburg, PA!
November 3rd, 2018: Location scouting has officially begun for "Secret of the Sphere". Check out the locations in Harrisburg!
December 6th, 2018: The first audition announcement is open in Carlisle on February 17th. Contact us at info@stormfrontentertainment.com to schedule a time slot.
November 1st, 2018: Congratulations to "Lost Padre Mine's" Chelsea Foster for her success on "Thespian- the series"!
October 12th, 2018: Many of the cast from "Lost Padre Mine" celebrated at the world premiere of "Radio Silence" held in Las Cruces NM.
December 16th, 2018: The second audition announcement is open in Lancaster, PA on January 26th. Contact us to schedule a time slot at info@stormfrontentertainment.com
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