January 8th, 2012:  Happy New Years!  SFE has enjoyed a wonderful Asian Holiday season with a lot of editing (final reviews for Zydeco going on now and little stops with Ghost Rider), filming (AFN commercials starring a certain ceramic superhero), and pre-production (The iPad version of Paranormal Activity!).  
Stay tuned!!!
January 13th, 2012:  SFE Is psyched that we have our Superbowl parody airing on the Armed Forces Network during the big game.  More on that...for now, check out our SFE project, "Donna Parker", which just hit 10,000 views on Youtube!
January 22nd, 2012:  And the hits keep on coming!  Our Resident Evil fan film trailer just reached 100,000 views on Youtube!  Once again thank you all for supporting our efforts!
Also, Tuesday is the magic day when Zydeco gets shipped for mass production!  We are getting some good buzz, check out our movie page to see some horror sites talking us up!
February 6th, 2012:  Our commercial submission for the AFN "You do it!" competition got us some air time!  In total we received 8 commercial spots in Seoul during the Superbowl...that's twice each quarter and back in the states would have cost like $8-12 Million! 
February 15th, 2012:  BIG NEWS!!!   The first shipment of ZYDECO DVDs has arrived!  We are mailling this first batch to the cast and crew in appreciation for all they have done.  But, we are also ordering a second shipment to be available on Film Baby, an online distributor! 
February 19th, 2012:  ZYDECO is now on sale!  You can purchase a copy of the DVD by using Paypal.  Just click on the button below, select how many you want, and let the system works its magic.  Shipping & handling is free! 
February 26th, 2012:  ZYDECO is making some headway in the news.  Check out a Baton Rouge news release on the DVD.
March 1st, 2012:  ZYDECO is now available to purchase online through Filmbaby.com for only $14.99 (click the picture below).  Or, you can see our website-only available offer of 1 DVD & 1 Poster for $20 (with free shipping globally!)
March 12th, 2012:  ZYDECO reviews are coming in now.  Check out a review by Matt the Movie Guy (link below)!
March 17th, 2012:  ZYDECO buzz is still going strong, this time a nod from Igor's Lab (link below)!
March 18th, 2012:  SFE is now gathering a cast and crew for "The Message" about a girl who uses a lantern to send a letter from her grandmother to a sister in North Korea.
April 9th, 2012:  ZYDECO has been highlighted in the website DVD Extras, listing all of the DVD's special features.  Check it out below!
April 21st, 2012:  SFE just acquired a Canon EOS 60D camera and took some test footage on the Han river in Seoul.  Check it out below!
April 29th, 2012:  The cast has been selected for "Messages".  Check it out in our video section.  Also, check out the revised ZYDECO DVD cover from our canadian distributor Black Flag Pictures, to be released soon!
May 28th, 2012:  We're back with new photos from the first day of shooting the short film "Messages".  Also, check out Sonny Side Films music video "Pay Back" by the Meegook Movement, which SFE provided crew support for.
July 8th, 2012:  ZYDECO was written about again in the CENLA area.  Please check it out!
Deridder local paper article on Zydeco.
August 24th, 2012:  ZYDECO is an official selection for the Lake Charles Film Festival!  Playing Friday October 5th.
September 9th, 2012:  Filmed Day two on the set of "Messages" at Gwanak Mountain, Seoul.  Check out more pics linked below.
October 1st, 2012:  ZYDECO is showing this Friday and Saturday at the Lake Charles Film Festival!  Also, we are starting pre-production on a little project called The Knight Squad!
October 9th, 2012:  ZYDECO will be appearing on Saturday October 13th at the Texas Theater as part of Dallas' DOA Bloodbath film festival!
October 6th, 2012:  Director of Photography Fred Taulbee, Jr. accepted the "Scallywag" Award on behalf of the cast and crew of ZYDECO for winning the award for best home-grown film of the 2012 Lake Charles Film Festival.
October 14th, 2012:  ZYDECO has a news article appear in the Leesville Daily leader, a CENLA local paper where much of the film was produced.  Read at the link below.
October 15th, 2012:  Here's a picture of Fred Taublee, Jr, DP on ZYDECO, accepting an award for Best Home Grown film at the 2012 Lake Charles film festival earlier this month.
October 19th, 2012:  SFE travelled to Guam to film a second short story, starring our very own Sunny Park, for "The Message" project.
October 27th, 2012:  SFE travelled to Hawaii to film a third short story, starring Jamie Lee, for the seemingly expanding "Message" project.
November 14th, 2012: Check out the new "Ghost Rider" fan film movie poster, released by Noble Portraits.  Seemingly the longest SFE project to date, we are finally about to wrap this short film.
November 27th, 2012: Stormfront Entertainment has completed the script for their next major project, "The Knight Squad".  Click on the pic below for details on our new KS page.
December 20th, 2012: We are FINALLY organizing for the final shoot for "The Message", and have already started editing the Guam and Hawaii shoots.  Next is the Korea edits!
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