January 12th, 2011: Check out our movie poster for Zydeco!  We are in the editing stage now.
February 1st, 2011: Here's a sneak peek at one of our scenes from Zydeco, currently in post production.
February 12th, 2011: SFE is back on track to start filming The Fellini Opinion in March.
March 13th, 2011: Director Fred Taulbee leads the cast in rehearsals for the upcoming short film the Fellini Opinion.
April 3rd, 2011: SFE completes production on Fellini Opinion and goes in the editing process.
April 29th, 2011: Check out the trailer for The Fellini Opinion!
September 7th, 2011: We are back up and running in Seoul Korea!  We are cleaning up everything, to include editing Zydeco, streamlining planned projects, and moving forward on new short films.  Check out our teaser poster for a short film based on Ghost currently in the works!
September 12th, 2011: Over the course of time we love that we continue to get consistent viewers for our little projects.  Our Resident Evil fan film just surpassed 10,000 hits on Youtube!  Thank you for continuing to support us!
September 18th, 2011: There are a lot of moving parts going on right now.  We have submitted the final edits on "Fellini Sucks" to director Fred Taulbee for review, we are holding a pre-production meeting with cast and crew for "Ghost Rider" and as expected we are slowly but surely continuing editing for "Zydeco"!  Thanks to Dessan Design for all the poster work on these projects.
Becka Richardson and Dessan Design are the best!
September 25th, 2011: In addition to uploading the full "Donna Parker: Green Lantern" fan film on Youtube, we also completed production on "Ghost Rider".  Check out the new page on our website by clicking the image below.
October 9th, 2011: SFE was out in Busan this weekend visiting the Busan International Film Festival.  Fun time, we are going to submit some projects for next year.
October 31th, 2011: Happy Halloween!  Just in time for the best holiday of the year, we have a trailer for our short film "Ghost Rider"!
November 7th, 2011:  Just spending a little time cleaning up our website.  We updated the donations page and linked new collaborator Stephen G for his work on Ghost Rider.  We have also completed the "Fellini Sucks" DVD, just need to go to print.  Oh, and still more work on Zydeco!!!  We expect to have a decent Zydeco trailer by the end of the weekend.
November 14th, 2011:  Check out the official Zydeco movie trailer!
November 28th, 2011:  Our first production as SFE, "The Disagreement", just received 10,000 hits on Youtube.  Thank you all for supporting!
December 10th, 2011: Editing Zydeco was wrapped up until we discovered we had ourselves a shorter film than expected.  So, we are filming some more scenes tomorrow to add a different aspect of the project.  Also, we are going through Film baby and Discmakers for duplication and distribution.
December 26th, 2011: Merry Christmas!  Wanted to let you know that we are not slowing down through the holidays.  We are taking a creative diversion and will be submitting faux Superbowl commercials into the AFN Korea competition!
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